Some of the responsibilities of the Accounting Department:

• Accounting entries resulting from the company's transactions;

• Elaboration and Analysis of the Financial Statements, adequate to the international accounting standards.

• Preparation of summaries of monthly calculations of depreciation / amortization, write-downs and other movements of fixed assets;

• Processing of accounting closing, preparation of balance sheets, analysis and reconciliation of accounts;

• Preparation and joint analysis with the client of the financial statements (DRE, balance sheets, accounting books, etc.);

• SPED Accounting and ECF (Tax Accounting Writing).

• Registration and movement of operations that allow the entry of foreign capital, as an investment in Brazil, in the Central Bank of Brazil System (RDE-IED), as well as Economic-Financial Statements, including Declaration of Goods and Rights Abroad.

• Tax Planning for purposes of option to the taxation regime of Corporate Income Tax (IRPJ) and Social Contribution on Net Income (CSLL).

• Support in the calculation and costing;

• Calculation of the equilibrium point;

• Determination of sales prices;

• Support in the preparation of annual budgets and projections;

• Performance analysis through financial indexes and planning.

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