Some of the responsibilities of the Tax Department:

The Tax Department is responsible for tax processing, focusing on taxes on operations (IPI, PIS, COFINS, ICMS and ISS), and ancillary obligations, observing the compliance required by the tax legislation, such as:

• Analysis of tax documents issued.

• Bookkeeping of tax books in the form applicable to each company (manual, data processing and / or digital).

• Elaboration and fulfillment of several tax declarations, according to the place of domicile of taxpayers, such as, EFD Fiscal, EFD Contributions, Sintegra, DIMOB, DCTF.

• Determination of taxes on operations (IPI, PIS, COFINS, ICMS and ISS).

• Advice and tax advice and its dismemberment, aimed at the daily operations of companies and / or tax planning for new operations / activities, in order to indicate the best practices and in compliance with the current legislation.

• Elaboration of several communications related to the taxes with the tax authorities.

• Fiscal review.

• Support in the conduct of fiscal actions.

• Assistance in the parameterization of systems with regard to books, declarations and invoices;

• Elaboration of processes of special regimes and consultation Detailed elaboration and integral follow-up of Special Regimes processes and consultations.

• Tax refund and compensation Procedures for Restitution and Compensation of State and Municipal Taxes;

• Guidance and follow up on the issuance and cancellation of the Electronic Invoice (Nf-e) and Services Invoice (NFS-e).

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