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Some of the responsibilities of the Accounting Department:

• Accounting entries resulting from the company's transactions;

• Elaboration and Analysis of the Financial Statements, adequate to the international accounting standards.

• Preparation of summaries of monthly calculations of depreciation / amortization, write-downs and other movements of fixed assets;

• Processing of accounting closing, preparation of balance sheets, analysis and reconciliation of accounts;

• Preparation and joint analysis with the client of the financial statements (DRE, balance sheets, accounting books, etc.);

• SPED Accounting and ECF (Tax Accounting Writing).

• Registration and movement of operations that allow the entry of foreign capital, as an investment in Brazil, in the Central Bank of Brazil System (RDE-IED), as well as Economic-Financial Statements, including Declaration of Goods and Rights Abroad.

• Tax Planning for purposes of option to the taxation regime of Corporate Income Tax (IRPJ) and Social Contribution on Net Income (CSLL).

• Support in the calculation and costing;

• Calculation of the equilibrium point;

• Determination of sales prices;

• Support in the preparation of annual budgets and projections;

• Performance analysis through financial indexes and planning.

• Pro-labore Management of Members;

• Registration of contracted professionals (Brazilian and foreign);

• Preparation of payroll and calculation of social charges;

• Elaboration and production of information for sending to the Ministry of Labor;

• Elaboration of annual ancillary obligations, such as DIRF, RAIS and Income Reports;

• Elaboration of maps of accompaniments of vacation concession;

• Accompaniment of Agreements, Collective Bargaining Agreements;

• Assistance and Labor and Social Security and monitoring of the assistance to the Supervisors.

That the Tax Legislation in Brazil, be it state or federal, is similar to a labyrinth is fact! A misinterpretation of the legislation, or error in the completion of the statements, entails serious damage to the companies.

Being constantly updated with rules and instructions that change or come up two or three times a day is a rather complex task, if not disastrous if you think about the penalties that can hit your company.

And believe, in this labyrinth, the Minotaur is closer than you think and can devour your company very quickly if it is not well advised!

That is why it is essential to have professionals who know how to guide in this labyrinth to guide you in a safe and legal way to pay as little tax as possible (within the law) using discounted incentives.

At VSM, the tax issue is a central part of our organization and our specialists can offer a wide range of solutions through tax and tax planning.

• Consulting in tax, corporate, personal department;

• Business feasibility study and tax impact;

• Study of new projects and their tax benefits.

The Tax Department is responsible for tax processing, focusing on taxes on operations (IPI, PIS, COFINS, ICMS and ISS), and ancillary obligations, observing the compliance required by the tax legislation, such as:

• Analysis of tax documents issued.

• Bookkeeping of tax books in the form applicable to each company (manual, data processing and / or digital).

• Elaboration and fulfillment of several tax declarations, according to the place of domicile of taxpayers, such as, EFD Fiscal, EFD Contributions, Sintegra, DIMOB, DCTF.

• Determination of taxes on operations (IPI, PIS, COFINS, ICMS and ISS).

• Advice and tax advice and its dismemberment, aimed at the daily operations of companies and / or tax planning for new operations / activities, in order to indicate the best practices and in compliance with the current legislation.

• Elaboration of several communications related to the taxes with the tax authorities.

• Fiscal review.

• Support in the conduct of fiscal actions.

• Assistance in the parameterization of systems with regard to books, declarations and invoices;

• Elaboration of processes of special regimes and consultation Detailed elaboration and integral follow-up of Special Regimes processes and consultations.

• Tax refund and compensation Procedures for Restitution and Compensation of State and Municipal Taxes;

• Guidance and follow up on the issuance and cancellation of the Electronic Invoice (Nf-e) and Services Invoice (NFS-e).

The diagnosis is the instrument that presents a global and dynamic vision of the company and defines a general roadmap to the decision process. It is a procedure that allows the entrepreneur to obtain a clear, simple and precise vision of the whole of his business.

This service also aims to identify the problems, determine their causes, evaluate the human resources and their qualifications and help you to implant the solutions found. Remember: it is always time to evaluate and reevaluate your company. The worst attitude is nothing to do, therefore, who does nothing can be surpassed by who continually updates itself.

VSM's Individual Income Tax Department offers specialized services to national and foreign individuals regarding the obligations of tax residents in the country. It maintains specialized and qualified staff to elaborate technical studies, tax calculations in order to assist individuals in complying of its tax obligations.

Some of the services that VSM offers to individuals:

• Elaboration / filing of the Annual Adjustment Declaration, Statement of Estate and Declaration of Definitive Exit of the Country;

• Elaboration / protocol of Declaration of Goods Abroad to BACEN;

• Monitoring of tax notification and administrative processes;

• Scheduling of meetings to clarify doubts;

• Tax obligations of national and foreign individuals, such as: Annual Adjustment Declaration; Statement of Estate; Declaration of Definitive Exit of the Country; And determination of the income tax due, including the payment on rates and the capital gain;

• Consulting in general.

With a specialized team, the following services are provided:

• Adequacy to the new accounting rules (CPC's / POC);

• Analysis of INCENTIVES and tax benefits (Federal / State / Municipal), including special regime and assistance in obtaining the benefits;

• Inventory analysis (confrontation of the physical inventory x system);

• FINANCIAL analysis of the company (costs and results by department, budget and projections);

• Advice to the internal accounting team (structuring of internal processes, qualification, accounting validation and ancillary obligations);

• Financial advice (FUNDING AND APPLICATIONS);

• UPDATE of past due accounts;

• LABOR and social security audit;

• Review of taxes, accounting and ancillary obligations;

• Consultancy to calculate CAPITAL GAINS of Individuals (ITIV, ITCD, Carnê-Leão (payment on rates);

• Preparation of the consolidation of accounting STATEMENTS;

• Bookkeeping cash in RURAL activity;

• Formation of the merchandise sales price (product and service);

• Fiscal Planning (definition of forms of taxation);

• Recovery of tax credits, refunds and tax offsets;

• Review of social security contributions (application of RAT);

• Review of payment SHEETS calculations;

• Review and update of values ​​(WORKERS);

• Specific TRAINING in accounting, tax and personnel areas;

• Economic VIABILITY of the business;

Business start-up

Start Your Business Safely! The service includes a study to choose the best form of calculation of taxes;

• Incorporation of Companies: Corporations (S / A), Civil Societies (S/C), Limited Liability Company (Ltda.);

• Elaboration of Social Contracts, observing the legal and regulatory requirements;

• Prior search of location and licenses with the City Hall. Change of Companies

• Social Capital, Corporate Ratio, Social Objective, Executive Board, Transformation of Society, among others;

Business Closure

• Cancellation and cancellation of registrations with government agencies (Federal, State and Municipal), regulators and regulators (JUCEPA and Secretariats);

• Obtaining of Certifications from Governmental Organs;

• Obtaining of Active Union Debt Certificates;

• Obtaining Federal, State and Municipal Tax Certificates;