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Individual Income Tax (IRPF)

VSM's Individual Income Tax Department offers specialized services to national and foreign individuals regarding the obligations of tax residents in the country. It maintains specialized and qualified staff to elaborate technical studies, tax calculations in order to assist individuals in complying of its tax obligations.

Some of the services that VSM offers to individuals:

• Elaboration / filing of the Annual Adjustment Declaration, Statement of Estate and Declaration of Definitive Exit of the Country;

• Elaboration / protocol of Declaration of Goods Abroad to BACEN;

• Monitoring of tax notification and administrative processes;

• Scheduling of meetings to clarify doubts;

• Tax obligations of national and foreign individuals, such as: Annual Adjustment Declaration; Statement of Estate; Declaration of Definitive Exit of the Country; And determination of the income tax due, including the payment on rates and the capital gain;

• Consulting in general.

Legal Person

Specialized services

With a specialized team, the following services are provided:

• Análise de INCENTIVOS e benefícios fiscais (Federal/Estadual/Municipal), inclusive regime especial e assessoria na obtenção dos benefícios;

• Analysis of INCENTIVES and tax benefits (Federal / State / Municipal), including special regime and advice on obtaining the benefits;

• FINANCIAL analysis of the company (costs and results by department, budget and projections);

• LABOR and social security audit;

• Revision of taxes, accounting and ancillary obligations;

• Consulting for calculating CAPITAL GAINS for Individuals (ITIV, ITCD);

• Cash bookkeeping in RURAL activity;

• Formation of the merchandise sales price (product and service);

• Recovery of tax CREDITS, refunds and tax offsets;

• Economic VIABILITY of the business;