Tax Planning.

That the Tax Legislation in Brazil, be it state or federal, is similar to a labyrinth is fact! A misinterpretation of the legislation, or error in the completion of the statements, entails serious damage to the companies.

Being constantly updated with rules and instructions that change or come up two or three times a day is a rather complex task, if not disastrous if you think about the penalties that can hit your company.

And believe, in this labyrinth, the Minotaur is closer than you think and can devour your company very quickly if it is not well advised!

That is why it is essential to have professionals who know how to guide in this labyrinth to guide you in a safe and legal way to pay as little tax as possible (within the law) using discounted incentives.

At VSM, the tax issue is a central part of our organization and our specialists can offer a wide range of solutions through tax and tax planning.